Made in England

We’re very proud to say that all of our jewellery collections are still handmade in the UK to impeccable standards. We use local companies and craftsmen and support our manufacturing industry whenever possible. We endeavour at every step to ensure that our jewellery is second to none, not only in the manufacture but also in it’s design and delivery. Flash Jordan jewellery is an investment in design excellence.


We either hand carve the original design in jewellery wax, brass or silver, or we build the design in 3D on the computer, which we then have milled into wax from the file and cast into metal


The original design or ‘master’ is then sent to our casters to have a rubber mould made


Once the mould has been made, multiples can be cast in metal.


Each piece is checked for flaws, then sent to Birmingham Assay Office where they are tested and hallmarked.


The sprue (where the molten metal floods into the casting) is cut off and the whole piece is filed


If pieces need sizing or earwires or jumprings need attaching, they are soldered on


After filing, the pieces are emeryed twice with two different grades of paper for a fine finish


After emerying and any stone setting the pieces are polished twice with different grades of polishing mops and compounds


When the pieces have been polished, they are cleaned and plated with a layer of pure silver and then a layer of anti tarnish