How it all works


The scissor earrings are hinged in the centre, the angle of the pivot allows the earwires to clip securely into the back of the earring.

The scissor pendants work in much the same way with a hinge in the centre, this gives them freedom to move and ensures the chain always flows fluidly into the pendant.


Our twin earrings have completely separating front and back parts. The backs are set with a rubber tube which the earwire is pushed through for a secure grip. The front part can be worn alone withour sleek butterfly backs to create a different look.


Our threesome earrings again have separating front and back parts, the difference being that the back parts can be flipped over to sit either side of the front and the two backs can also be swapped with each other to create different looks. The threesome earring fronts can also be worn alone with our sleek butterfly backs.

Butterfly Backs

Our handmade butterfly backs (we call them fly backs) are a sleek and secure way to finish off our earrings. We don’t use standard, bought-in butterflies as we think the back should be given just as much attention as the front and our fly backs are a satisfyingly fluid shape which do the job perfectly.


Most of our chains come fitted with discreet bayonet catches, we use these so when they inevitably work their way round to the front they flow seamlessly into the chain without drawing attention to themselves. The bayonet catches work like a light fitting in a push and twist motion.


We take our time over the finishing of our jewellery to make sure it looks as good as it possibly can. Each sterling silver piece is flash-plated with a coat of pure silver to give a bright white finish, then a coat of silverbrite to minimise tarnishing.


All our pieces are hallmarked with the unique Flash Jordan hallmark, the anchor which represents our assay office – Birmingham and the number representing the given alloy standard, for instance sterling silver is 925 (925 parts per thousand).