Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke Engagement Rings from Flash Jordan

The Process

Thank you for enquiring about having a piece of bespoke jewellery commissioned. We make the process of custom-made jewellery straightforward and affordable, keeping our clients’ style and requirements in mind throughout.

We’d like to share with you the process we will go through to create your exclusive and unique design.

Stage One - Design Consultation

At the initial design consultation we will discuss your style, budget and requirements, drawing up a basic concept and direction for your bespoke jewellery. We can do face-to-face consultations at our studio in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, or via phone and email if you prefer.

Stage Two - Design

Once you are happy with the basic concept and direction for your piece, the next step is to build your design in 3D using the Matrix, our jewellery engineering computer package. This will enable us to show you 3D computer generated images of exactly how your bespoke design will look when it is finished.

Before beginning this process we ask for a £100 design deposit, which comes off the final price of your piece.

Once your design has been built in the Matrix, you will at this point be able to make any tweaks or alterations to your bespoke engagement ring. You can preview your design and see how it looks in other metals or using different gemstones to help decide if it is right for you.

Stage Three - Jewellers Wax

When we have your design finalised, we will provide an accurate quote and ask for a 50% deposit (minus the design fee) before we take your design any further. The CAD file will then be sent to a milling machine which will cut your design out in jewellers wax to the exact specifications of the file.

This wax mould is then checked for imperfections before being sent to our casters, who will cast it into the metal of your choice. You are quite welcome to come and have a look at your wax and raw casting as your design progresses from stage to stage. We document all the stages as we go along and will look to keep you updated throughout.

Stage Four - Raw Casting & Hallmarking

The raw metal casting is sent back to us, which we check for flaws and porosity and then send off to the Birmingham Assay Office. Here your piece will be tested for quality and hallmarked with four different marks:

  • The jeweller (FJ)
  • The mark for the standard alloy of your chosen metal or mixed metals
  • The mark of the assay office (Birmingham is an anchor)
  • The date letter for this year.

After these hallmarks have been added, your bespoke jewellery will be returned it to us, we then start the process of cleaning it up.

Stage Five - Cleaning Up & Stone Setting

We file the surface of the metal down and emery it with two decreasing grades of paper so the finish gets finer. Any settings are drilled out and stone seating is cut in. We then set your gemstones, adding the final finishing touches before your bespoke piece is ready to be polished.

Stage Six - Polishing

Pieces are polished six times by hand using a polishing machine with six decreasing grades of polishing compounds and three decreasingly softer mop heads, the last being swansdown. Your piece will then have a mirror finish and be ready to be cleaned.

Stage Seven - Finishing

We then clean your engagement ring in a heated bath, using ultrasonic waves to remove the polishing compound from the surface and settings. It will then be checked again, buffed up by hand and boxed with care, ready for revealing to its proud new owner!


From finalising a bespoke design in 3D on the Matrix, the process of making your commission will take around 4 weeks. We accept cash, cheques and credit and debit cards, although we do have to pass on the 3.5% charge for card payments.

What you can expect from us

  • Exclusive, unique design
  • A guaranteed price
  • Progress updates
  • A speedy response to questions and queries
  • One free service and cleaning
  • No obligation design consultation - 1 hour
  • Impeccable quality and service

So we can continue to produce exceptional pieces and provide excellent service we ask a few things from you.

  • Payment on time
  • A speedy response to questions and queries
  • Feedback and Testimonial so we can continue to improve
  • Spread the word - please tell your friends and family about us

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